Fatima without an "i" πŸ˜…


Let's change the world! πŸ’ƒ  

I'm a Product Designer in Silicon Valley. I work across user experience, user testing and creating delightful user interfaces with a strong understanding of information architecture .

User Experience has become my biggest interest. UX fulfills my passion for understanding people's behaviors and emotions. I believe that UX can change the world! 😍 I thrive on making user's life easier using the products I design.

I also volunteer to teach UX mobile workshop with ChickTech, it's a nonprofit organization dedicated to retaining girls in the technology workforce and increasing the number of girls and women pursuing technology-based careers.

Before becoming a UI/UX Designer, I was a Business Development professional with 3 years of experience in multinational enterprises. My Background includes Business Development, Marketing, HR and Team Administration. Helped in building the strategy of Vodafone’s Business Sales Unit for the year 2013.